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We want you to be not only part of our community but also of our growth as a company.


We might be new to the NFT world but not to the world of art and creativity. Our company is currently divided into the following categories : 

  •  Fine Arts division, were we create original works of art in a variety of mediums exhibited in galleries all over the world, public places and private commissions.

  • Art Therapy, were we help individuals to learn how to use art as a tool to relieve stress.

  • Affiliate program, we walk the journey of creativity with our affiliates to help them develop a collection with us that represents who they are.

  • Paypa Productions, our sister company were we create unique high quality content in film, TV and advertising.

  • Giving back, we are committed to giving others the tools to improve their mental well-being.

  • Online Store with products and collections created with a story behind

  • Project development, we believe in team work and we want to help you develop your project.


The Toonymania Fam will be able to access art classes for free, exclusive conversations, special discounts, and much more!

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Th Collection


We want to keep it simple and fun for everyone. That’s why we have taken the main characteristic of Toonymania and made it a focal point of the collection: “The Puzzle”. Each Creature is formed by several pieces, like a puzzle, with the difference that each piece has a unique meaning of its own, it's alive!. That's why each piece will also be minted as a separate NFT… But it gets better! If a collector owns 7 pieces (of any character) A new Creature will be born and dropped into the collector’s wallet! 


What’s the catch ? The magic puzzle only works when you are a first time buyer of that specific piece. My advice? Make sure you grab those pieces before they are all sold. The new Toony character born might be the rarest of them all !!!


  • Exclusive access workshops, webinars and access to classes on our portal.

  • Exclusive discounts on all of our Toonymania products.

  • Access to all the community features, including those available only to Toony NFT owners.

  • Invitations to exhibitions, public art projects and events with our sister company.

  • Many more benefits to come.




- When you own 7 toony pieces you will have the option to exchange those pieces for an exclusive Toony Character that will be created with those 7 pieces! Making it an ultra rare and unique Toony Character. You can swap pieces with your friends and other collectors to create your costume made Toony Character. What’s the catch? Each piece can only be used to create a ToonyCharacter once!! My advice? Make sure you grab those pieces before they are all sold or exchanged. The new Toony character born might be the rarest of them all!!! 

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The Journey


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Short term Goals- 2022

Mid-Term Goals - 2022/2023

Long Term Goals 

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-Drop of the first 20 exclusive Creatures with its pieces, totaling to about 150 NFTs each drop. We will drop new NFT Creatures every month. We want to keep it very exclusive and artistic, so every character will always be unique and different. Our toonies have personality traits, a unique style, profession and more.


-Create a strong and interactive community. A community that will allow you to not only find new friends, but that can share and have discussions about all the art tools at their disposal to improve their lives.


-To have at least one different webinar/art class or session on the portal once per month so people can have access to different options every time they enter the portal.


-To launch ultra rare exclusive NFTs with special traits. These NFTs are formed by more than 30 unique Toonypieces.


-To keep making substantial donations to mental health causes proceeding from the sale of each NFT.


-Create themed collections for special events.


- Exclusive giveaways to allow members the opportunity to become part of the whitelist.

-Create real value for our investors, where the motivation for owning Toonymania NFTs will not only be to be part of the community, but also to see your investments grow exponentially and constantly.


-We want to build a community of at least 10,000 NFT collectors of Creatures that will have full access to all our programs.


-To build a fully interactive platform with webinars, instructors, different classes and experiences that will range from learning about art therapy, master classes and live events where the community can interact and meet.


- Launch a series of coloring books were selected NFT owners will see their NFTs being featured.


-Fuse the NFT art with real life art, by placing NFTs on public art projects, real works of art, murals, and more. The community is going to be part of that. -Interactive Art Exhibits.


- Giving the community the opportunity to help us decide what projects we should do next.

-Alongside our sister company Paypa Productions create the Toonymania Animated Series, where NFT owners can have a stake in the project depending on which NFT they own.


-Create a system where NFT owners can have a voice on the direction the Animated Series story will unfold.


-Create a Metaverse where people can interact, purchase land, properties, build and create a whole Toonyworld.


-Official Brick and mortar store where the passion for love and coffee is fused into a creative experience.

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